Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Insights from GMT Africa Firestarter Training Held at Hotel Africana on Wednesday 26th

Yvonne Mpanga, a seasoned marketer and Business Developer, led an engaging session at the GMT Africa Firestarter training organized by New Faces New Voices and funded by Graca Machel Trust. Held at Hotel Africana on Wednesday 26th under the theme “Actioning Marketing Strategies to Achieve Business Growth,” the event attracted over 50 women entrepreneurs eager to enhance their business skills.

Mpanga tackled common barriers faced by women in business and guided participants on overcoming them. “Understanding your customer and anticipating their needs are crucial,” she stressed. “It’s about benchmarking against competitors and strategizing for profitability.”

Emphasizing modern marketing strategies, Mpanga advocated for strategies like email marketing, SEO optimization, customer reviews, partnerships, retargeting, and social media marketing. She emphasized the importance of integrating these tactics into a cohesive marketing mix tailored to engage stakeholders effectively.

In another impactful session, Warda Katende Achomo explored the nuances between a sales strategy and a sales plan. She underscored the pivotal role of product profitability and superior customer care strategies in business success. “Business is fundamentally about selling to make profits,” Warda emphasized. She urged Ugandan entrepreneurs to elevate their customer care standards, stating, “You’re in business to sell and make money—there’s no alternative.”

Warda encouraged entrepreneurs to translate their sales strategies into actionable plans. “A sales strategy on paper without execution is not strategy,” she illustrated. “You must bring it to light to achieve results.”

Dr. Theopista, Country Director of New Faces New Voices, closed the event by stressing the importance of mentorship and succession planning. “Effective organizations grow through nurturing leadership and fostering selflessness,” she remarked. Dr. Theopista urged participants to embrace networking and mentorship for sustainable business growth.

The session concluded with inspiring participant testimonials, showcasing real-world strategies for enhancing sales effectiveness and building business resilience.

GMT Africa Firestarter Training was funded by the Graça Machel Trust.

Event Pictorial